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Creating people capability, Ensuring managers are thinking strategically and not Operationally is now a strategic priority for every Organization. The   Leadership & Supervisory Skills Training programme is aimed at helping Managers and Supervisors to understand key concepts of Leadership that are vital to People management and Business growth

The core skills curriculum for this training programme will cover key areas of  Leadership including understanding Managing and motivating your Staff, Developing and leading your team, Change management and managing forces of change etc.


The power skills curriculum will cover the skills required to deliver impact –

Leading with Emotional Intelligence, Effective communication for leaders



  • A holistic programme - This programme covers some of the most  important aspects of Leadership for   Managers enabling you to grow your  leadership capabilities

  • Designed by leaders for leaders –  the programme is developed for on-the-job application and efficacy

  • Now & future-oriented programme - The programme focuses on Leadership skills  for now and the future so that you can keep up with Business dynamics

  • A ‘learn by doing’ programme - The programme design approaches learning  largely through practical assignments and  case study work, so that the learning is not purely  academic

  • A continuous learning programme - Critical aspects of adult learning such as  learning through reflection, collaboration and  insight-led discussions

  • Certification - You will walk away with evidence of leadership skills acquired



Module 1: Moving from Management to Leadership

  • The Difference between Management and Leadership

  • Appreciating the Five Essential Leadership Approaches

  • Displaying Transformational Leadership Behaviors

  • 21st Century Leadership Requirements

  • Leadership and Organizational Politics

Module 2: Managing and Motivating Your Staff

  • Delegating Effectively

  • Setting Goals, SMART Objectives and Personal Outcomes

  • Running Performance Appraisals that Really Work

  • Coaching, Mentoring and On-the-Job Training

  • Praising Effectively by Acknowledging and Celebrating Achievements

  • Managing Upwards and Saying ‘No’ Skillfully

Module 3: Understanding Yourself, Others & Organizational Cultures

  • Determining Your Own and Other’s Personality Preferences

  • Using Personality Insights to Powerfully Influence Others

  • The Origin of Our Personal Attitudes and Resulting Behavior

  • Understanding the Nature and Types of Organizational Culture

  • Signs of a Healthy Organizational Culture

  • Maintaining a Supportive Organizational Culture

Module 4: Change  Management &  Influencing forces  of change

  • Understanding Human psychology  & change management

  • Approaches to change

  • Accepting change

  • Communicating change as a  leader

Module 5: Developing and Leading Your Team

  • Understanding Team Roles and Playing to Your Staffs’ Strengths

  • Team Formation Stages and Team Dynamics

  • Displaying the Relevant Team Leadership Style For Your Staff

  • Motivation Techniques for Greater Commitment and Performance

  • Knowledge Workers and the Psychological Contract

  • Providing Effective Feedback and Criticism

Module 6: Leading with  Emotional  Intelligence

  • Self-awareness

  • Self-regulation

  • Motivation

  • Empathy

  • Social skills

  • Achievement motivation theory

Module 7: Effective  Communication - Communicating upwards & Downwards

  • Role of Listening in communication

  • Effective questioning, probing and  acknowledgement

  • Assertive Communication


6th - 7th  July 2023 at Royal Suites Bugolobi

15th Oct 2022

What's included in this training;


  • Tools for you to manage your teams effectively

  • Certificate of completion

  • Access to learning materials for 1 month in our Learning Management Platform

  • Lunch and 2 tea breaks per day for 2 days

  • Materials for use during training

  • Free Access to future Webinars on Leadership

Target Audience

  • Managers 

  • Assistant Managers

  • Team Leaders

  • Supervisors

  • Heads of department

  • Business partners dealing with multiple teams

  • Anyone wanting to upskill to take up future manager/Supervisory roles

Left to close enrollment for
The Leadership & Supervisory Skills Training


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