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Certified Lead Crisis Manager


Why Should You Attend?

The PECB Lead Crisis Manager training course helps participants develop their competence to support an organization in planning, establishing, maintaining, reviewing, and continually improving its strategic crisis management capability based on the guidelines of ISO 22361 and other best practices. It also provides information regarding the fundamental concepts and principles of crisis management and the effective establishment and implementation of a crisis management framework.

In addition to the explanation of the theoretical concepts related to crisis management, the training course provides practical examples and scenario-based quizzes that will help you reinforce your knowledge and prepare you for real-life scenarios concerning crisis management.

Upon the completion of the training course, participants can sit for the exam and apply to obtain the “PECB Certified Lead Crisis Manager” credential once they pass the exam. The credential demonstrates that the participant possesses the theoretical and practical knowledge and skills to support and lead an organization in designing and developing its crisis management capability based on ISO 22361 guidelines and best practices in this field.

Who Should Attend?

The Lead Crisis Manager training course is intended for:

  • Individuals responsible for the delivery of a crisis management capability in an organization

  • Individuals responsible for implementing a plan and structure for crisis management within the organization

  • Crisis leader(s)

  • Members of crisis management teams

  • Individuals seeking to thoroughly understand crisis management

  • Individuals aiming to start or advance their careers in crisis management

  • Consultants, advisors, and professionals wishing to obtain in-depth knowledge of ISO 22361 guidelines on crisis management


Learning Objectives

By the end of this training course, participants will be able to:

  • Explain the fundamental concepts of and principles for crisis management based on ISO 22361

  • Establish, maintain, and continually improve a crisis management framework that includes leadership, structure, culture, and competence

  • Anticipate, assess, prevent, and prepare for crises

  • Respond to, recover, and learn from crises in order to improve an organization’s crisis management capability


Educational Approach

This training course is learner-centered and contains:

  • Theoretical and practical examples and best practices related to crisis management

  • Quizzes with stand-alone questions (at the end of each section) and scenario-based quizzes (at the end of each day), intended to prepare the participants for the certification exam

  • Interaction between the trainers and participants by means of questions and discussions



Participants who want to attend this training course should have a fundamental understanding of crisis management concepts, framework, and process.

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