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Trained by MS Excel Expert with 20+ years of experience

Get a badge to show your level of expertise


Receive a certificate of completion to showcase your skills

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Receive 2 awards for just one course

What you will gain after this course completion;

  • Master Microsoft excel from Beginner to Advanced

  • Understand how to use the most common excel functions 

  • Maintain large sets of data in lists or tables

  • Create dynamic reports by mastering one of the most important tools, Pivot tables

  • Build dashboards using Microsoft excel

  • Harness the full power of excel by automating your workday tasks

Achieve it all!

This course includes;

  • 7+ hours of self paced learning​

  • Excel expert badge and certificate of completion

  • Excel downloadable resources

  • Great videos


100% Satisfaction 

24/7 Support

Course trained by an expert trainer with guaranteed satisfaction

All content in video and engaging

Great for everyone

Excel is for everyone irrespective of what you do.

Prepare great reports and dashboards, Analyze data and prepare great charts including business presentations using Excel Advanced tools

Meet your training expert

Hi there, my name is Andries and I have been working with Excel for over 20 years. I have worked with major corporate companies such as Nespresso and various Banks.

I currently am one of the preferred in classroom trainers for Office and I am dedicated to helping you create outstanding tools and reports in Excel. Our courses are for those who want to learn Excel, accelerate your careers and achieve more in less time.

For over 20 years I have worked in the Finance and IT departments implementing reporting systems based on SQL and XML. All the while using Excel VBA to automate and improve processes.

Our courses include examples based on real-life experience as well as the consulting work I have done for many international companies.

I place great value on keeping my Excel courses not only informative but also engaging. For this reason, students will find enough challenges, exercises, and downloadable files to practice so they can maximize the value gained from each course.

What Clients Say

"The course was awesome and great for both a beginner and an Expert"
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