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Effective Performance Management

This course on Effective Performance Management training will help you evaluate the efficiency of the organization's Performance Management System and work towards aligning it with the business objectives.

This course will further equip the participants with the right knowledge, skills, and attitude towards paving a path of growth and success for their own team members and business.

Human Resource Management

The Human Resources Management training course provides an inclusive and progressive overview of the role and activities of the Human Resource Department. It provides tools and techniques to effectively manage people and create opportunities to develop employee potential.

HR for Non-HR

HR is considered to be a support function because it’s work is to support the business in entirety by sourcing, finalizing, hiring, and training candidates for the job. They are responsible for ensuring that they get the right candidate that fits the role as defined by the operations or other support functions. This course will expose you to Performance Management, Recruitment and selection, Succession planning and many more key areas

Compensation & Benefits

Compensation management plays a vital role in any organisation. The team must ensure the salaries and the benefits provided to the employees are appropriate, competitive and just. The monetary and non-monetary perks incorporated in the package must resonate with employees’ perception of fair pay.

Learning & Development Management

Financial knowledge and skills are fundamental to any managerial position. From understanding financial statements to analysing them, from cost impacts to variance analysis, from decision making to budgeting, this training course gives hands-on practical experience to non-financial managers to understand the concepts and techniques to help them in key decision-making areas, which in turn gives impetus to the bottom line of the business

HR Analytics course

HR Analytics is also called workforce analytics or talent analytics, however, there is a slight difference between these terms. HR Analytics specifically deals with HR function metrics such as Hiring, training and the cost required for training an employee, promotion, etc. HR analytics process helps develop and implement strategies to grow business rapidly and dominate the market.

This course will empower you to understand the process of collecting data, monitoring, analyzing, and applying the improvement strategies. It enables HR   to make effective decisions.

Competence based Recruitment & Selection

Recruitment is the core of any organisation. It involves inviting, advertising, screening, shortlisting, selecting, and onboarding of an employee. It is a remarkably interesting as well as a costly process. It is especially important to understand the right competencies required for the business. The course will empower you to identify the difference between Recruitment, Interview and Selection. And learn how to get the whole process right with optimal efforts and investment.

Effective Business Partnering 

HRBP plays a vital role in acquiring top new talent, make sure that the existing employees are allocated according to their competencies, experience and worth, with the opportunities and training required for the growth and development of the individual. The key responsibilities entail boosting employee morale, advocating for benefits that are competitive and build a strong company culture. This training helps professionals identify the tangible value associated with their activities which are achieved by incorporating all aspects of strategic planning and business operations. They get guidance to find the right fit of employees for organisational objectives, enabling positive results.

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