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Procurement Planning Process and Bid Management

training course will empower you with in-depth knowledge and understanding of procurement planning and bid management, thus preparing you to handle multiple functions and responsibilities for your organisation, fostering growth and development.

The course covers all critical aspects of procurement and bid management, which will equip you with all possible knowledge and information to successfully win bids for your organisation.

By undertaking this Procurement Planning Process course, you will gain the skills, capabilities and confidence to work in any organisation or industry and successfully fulfil the objectives/plans set out.

Tendering Procedures and Bid Evaluation

Are you responsible for tendering within your organisation? Do you want to become more proficient at analysing submissions in the bidding process?

This training course will empower you with all the necessary knowledge and understanding that you will need to ensure a smooth and compliant bidding process. You will leave this course with all of the necessary knowledge to implement a more structured and successful tendering process within your organisation.

Advanced Warehousing Management

Warehouse management does not just deal with the storage of goods but also has implications on risk-bearing and management, pricing, etc. What does advanced warehouse management entail? Advanced warehouse management involves controlling various aspects of warehouse operations, from receiving and storing items to retrieving and shipping them.

Advanced warehouse management is an integral part of manufacturing and distribution processes, in conjunction with inventory management. It mainly aims to maximise warehouse efficiencies, reduce operating costs and ensure customer satisfaction. This course will provide you with the confidence and experience to independently and successfully manage complex warehouse operations and successfully complete them, thereby demonstrating your skill and potential and setting the way for further growth and progression in your career.

Negotiation skills for procurement professionals

The training course will empower you with the complete skill set and confidence to successfully carry out negotiations on behalf of your organisation or for your personal requirements to achieve better purchasing value.

This Negotiation Skills for Purchasing Professionals course will help you undertake important roles that could directly impact costs and growth of your organisation, thereby ensuring that you are capable of handling these successfully and supporting your career growth and progression.

The knowledge and experience gained through this course will help you successfully carry out negotiations for any organisation, thus not limiting you to one organisation or industry.

We understand that you have unique requirements

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