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First Time Manager course

Comparatively, it is easier to manage your own work than being accountable for 10 others. First-time managers always are in a spot where they have to start managing his/her team members by also ensuring individual’s deliverables. The role switch can be painful and often people only learn when it was too late!

What are the essential management skills required by New Managers? It is imperative for the new managers to understand the organisation’s expectations and know-how to not only meet but exceed it

With this course, you will be able to immediately start delivering from the very first day starting from your communication to the management and stakeholders. You will be able to manage team conflicts, provide feedback and coach your team members.

Strategic Leadership & Management Course

Today’s leaders have a lot more responsibility on their shoulders, especially with the increasing uncertainty of these times. They need to focus on what will navigate their business through the obstacles of time, towards successful returns.

This Strategic Management and Leadership Training Course offers guidance to any leader who wants to make smart decisions about important components like new business strategies, succession planning, and the utilisation of human capital to support and nurture their business.

The course focuses on strategic management, which develops the skills behind strategic thinking and developing good leadership strategies to support the strategic planning function

Supervisory Skills Development course

Do you believe that fair and favourable working conditions must include supervisors who are empowered and can motivate their team members in a humane way?

This training program will enable the organisations to balance the stress faced and elevate the levels of performance of the supervisors. Mutual empathy and respect will rule the workplace and levels of productivity would increase.

Change Management

The first step to ensure seamless management of change into the businesses is to train the leadership team so that they become the guiding light for each citizen of the company. This would be possible once they are themselves comfortable and understand what needs to be done by them for the business to remain competitive.

This training program designed by stresses on the importance of change management in the constantly evolving landscape of business. It also focuses on the roles and responsibilities of the leadership team to achieve efficiency and effectiveness in the change management processes so that they speak the same language across the company especially in the digital age of today.

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