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Effective Communication Skills

This training course will empower you to become an advanced communicator at your workplace. Through this course, you will be able to apply the skill of presenting your message in a way that others will appreciate.

You will learn the elements of communication and be able to flex each one to meet your objectives. By ensuring the application of all the aspects integral to effective communication, you will always stand in line for success

Advanced Presentation Skills

This Advanced Presentation Skills Program offered by Zoe Talent Solutions will provide you with a practical framework to create all forthcoming business presentations. You will be trained to design powerful presentations that are compelling enough to engage your audience.

You will learn to increase your self-confidence and develop skills to become a successful presenter. These sessions will be very realistic and interactive. Participants will be trained to bring forth their practice presentations before and after the program. They will learn vital presenting skills and tool kits for next-level presentation skills.

Emotional Intelligence

This training course will empower you with self-awareness, emotional management, motivation and empathy and will also improve your interpersonal skills 

Participants will learn to develop and implement these concepts to enhance their relationships in work and life by an understanding of their social and emotional behaviours. You will be able to adapt and manage your responses in any given situations.

Negotiation skills

This training course will help you better understand exactly what negotiating means in the current corporate environment, how it can impact and improve your business relationships and will change the way you look at negotiating as a whole.

By helping you develop a structured approach to negotiations and better understand the dynamics of each unique negotiating situation, you will be able to enter all negotiations in a stronger position and emerge with a more positive outcome.

We understand that you have unique requirements

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