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A "Middle Manager as a coach" - Making the best use of the G.R.O.W coaching model

Why is a "Middle Manager as a Coach" something you should consider as your leadership style?

In the Harvard article, “The Leader as Coach,” they assert that many companies are moving to coach leadership style as the command-and-control leadership style is no longer viable. The coaching model supports and encourages employee development by asking questions and listening rather than giving answers to the problems and making judgment calls.

While coaching is not always the answer, it is a good place to start as it supports the employee in developing confidence in their own abilities to solve problems. A simple and easy coaching method to use is the four-step GROW model. This is a gateway for many middle managers to become more skilled at listening, questioning, and drawing their employees out.

Let’s highlight the four-step GROW model here!

G stands for Goals. Help your employees to identify their goals! You know the overall goals, let them define and decide what the goals look like for them. It helps them to create the motivation and autonomy as well as accountability to move toward it.

R stands for Reality. This is identifying the current reality. Question your employee on what their current reality is. Do they have a full schedule already? Do they have enough training and resources? Helping your employee to expand their awareness of their current reality will help when planning to reach goals and setting the right priorities.

O stands for Opportunities and Obstacles. Once the goal and reality are clear for the employee, this is a great place to look at the potential opportunities that could open up for the employee as well as obstacles that could get in the way. Ask them questions to explore the roadblocks. Discuss where to stay open and flexible. Help them identify people they could network with to come up with better possibilities.

W stands for Way Forward. With all the planning put in place, now it is time for your employee to execute the plan. Action! What kind of support does your employee need along the way? What are the check-in milestones and how often do you want to meet?

Now that you have a plan for how to be more coach-like, head over to the worksheet to consider some Powerful Questions to get you started!

GROW coaching model
Download PDF • 50KB

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