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Finance For Non-Finance

Financial knowledge and skills are fundamental to any managerial position. From understanding financial statements to analysing them, from cost impacts to variance analysis, from decision making to budgeting, this training course gives hands-on practical experience to non-financial managers to understand the concepts and techniques to help them in key decision-making areas, which in turn gives impetus to the bottom line of the business

Corporate Finance

Corporate finance deals with the management of finance functions in an organization. Any business needs to make three major finance decisions: investment decision, financing decision and dividend decision. These decisions are further divided into multiple segments. The assemblage of all these facets resides under the umbrella term of corporate finance.

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Advanced Budgeting & Forecasting

The course will empower the Directors, both executive and non-executive, CEOs, and other senior executives of the organisation to understand the budget statements, measure the company’s performance, and make sound decisions for the future. With the increased use of technology, the importance of an efficient Enterprise Resource Planning system and other budget templates will also be covered in the course.

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Finacial planning & Analysis

The course will also provide the necessary understanding of different sources of funds and where to deploy these funds in various departments. This includes Capital Investments appraisal, understanding various components of Working Capital, and advantages of having an efficient Enterprise Resource Planning system.

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Credit management & Debt collection

The course will cover the fundamentals around Credit Management and Debt Collection, assess and ensure that you understand your risks, and that you effectively manage the credit you provide, which ultimately will keep your business running with a healthier cash flow.

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Financial reporting & Accounting course

This course will empower you to understand the financial statements, measure assets and liabilities of the company, cost behaviour, and variance analysis for better analysis and decision-making. The most critical part of a financial plan is to understand the judicial utilisation of the funds.

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Fundamentals of Accounting

This course introduces you to basic fundamentals of accounting including Analysis of financial statements and International accounting reporting standards 

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Financial modelling course

Discover and learn how to have an impact on decision making and the performance of a business through a variety of financial models that could dictate the future direction and growth of a commercial organization.

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